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This guesthouse and workout studio are the first of an entire masterplan designed for a 350-acre farm in Southern California. In order to take full advantage of the warm California climate, we began with the goal of creating multiple exterior gathering spaces, with each structure positioned strategically around these spaces in a manner that would amplify their overall ambiance.

In this particular instance, a tennis pavilion was refashioned into a modern-day guesthouse, complete with a large gathering room centered on a fireplace, a small kitchen/service area, three bedroom suites, and an open loft. Designed to cater to either one guest or several, the structure features large, open volumes of space, accented by small, intimate alcoves that are able to be closed off for privacy. And as the guesthouse sits adjacent to a tennis court, each room was given french doors that lead outside onto the pergola for ease of viewing.

In keeping with the Spanish Colonial architectural vocabulary, Spanish roof tiles, pigmented stucco exteriors, deep set and punched windows, and stained wood accents were utilized. Tile, in a variety of sizes and shapes, was incorporated extensively throughout the design in order to reflect the client’s penchant for a youthful, modern feel, all the while staying true to certain traditional elements.