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A whimsical, East Coast inspired, shingle style residence serves as a weekend and summer home for a young family and their guests. As a view-corridor setback restriction had been placed on the property, we created a home that abides by that constraint, but still feels naturally composed on the site. Utilizing the existing property slope to our advantage, and in response to the client’s wishes for a large porch, we designed a porch wing with views and openings on all sides. The walkout space below provides an opportunity for entertaining spaces adjacent to both the swimming pool and shoreline.

For the interiors spaces, in order to create a home that felt as though it had been there for a century or more, we incorporated much of the cabinetry, shelving and seating into the permanent structure, embellished by reclaimed wood, traditional wainscoting and beadboard.

Interiors: Robert Alt and Tina Simonds

Photography: David Bader and Matt Moran